To get to the Events Tab go to the Quest tab and navigate to the top right blue icon. Click on this icon to display the Events tab.

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Elemental Star[edit | edit source]

Elemental star or Estar can be done every hour, like a shooting star it has set places for it to crash. You can also check how long the Elemental star has until it spawns by going to the Events Tab.

Once an Estar spawns it will be announced in the chat and only then can you do ;;estar to teleport to the location

When Mining the star you obtain Elemental Chunks

Giant Orc[edit | edit source]

Located Always in the Wilderness this Event has you defeat a Giant Orc.

It is recommended to bring a team to defeat this Event but only the player with the maximum damage gets the drop, This is a very risky Event due to the abundance of Pkers in the wilderness

Khaashee Dragon[edit | edit source]

Spawns once every 6 hours

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