Make sure you have money with you to buy equipment.

To Start Farming go to Global Teleports> Skilling> Scroll down to the last skill Farming> then click Teleport.


Once there Right-Click Martin the Master Gardener and Click Shop

Martin the Master Gardener

Martin the Master Gardener

To start farming purchase a Rake, A Watering Can and Guam Seeds
Farming shop

Next Rake one of the Herb Patches by clicking Rake

Herb patch

Next Use the Super Compost on the Raked Patch

Super compost

Next use your seeds on the patch

Use seeds on patch-0

After Planting the seeds Use the Watering Can on the Herbs


It takes about 10-15 minutes for the Herbs to grow and when they are ready you can Pick them

Pick herbs
Continue this with different herbs depending on your level. To obtain other seeds check out the Auction House at home or get them as a drop.
Herb seed Level Required
Guam seed 1
Marrentill seed 14
Tarromin seed 19
Harrlander seed 26
Ranarr seed 32
Toadflax seed 38
Irit seed 44
Avantoe seed 50
Snapdragon seed 62
Cadantine seed 67
Lantadyme seed 73
Dwarf weed seed 79
Torstol seed 85
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