To Start Fletching go to the bank at home and withdraw money.

Then go east to the tools shop.


Buy a Knife, and any hatchet the pertains to your woodcutting level. Run back to the bank and deposit remaining money and anything in your inventory except the knife and hatchet.


Next run West past the bank to the Normal Tree Cut this tree to get Logs. When you have a full inventory use your Knife on one of the Logs.


Next Select Arrow shaft

Use this Table to figure out what to fletch at what level
Log Used Item Level to Fletch
Log Arrow shaft 1
Log Shortbow(u) 5
Log Wooden stock 9
Log Longbow(u) 10
Oak Oak shortbow(u) 20
Oak Oak stock 24
Oak Oak longbow(u) 25
Willow Willow shortbow(u) 35
Willow Willow stock 39
Willow Willow longbow (u) 40
Maple Maple shortbow(u) 50
Maple Maple stock 54
Maple Maple longbow (u) 55
Yew Yew shortbow(u) 65
Yew Yew stock 69
Yew Yew longbow (u) 70
Magic Magic shortbow(u) 80
Magic Magic longbow (u) 85

To get the Fletching cape go to Global Teleports> Skilling> Fletching> Teleport


Talk to Hickton and select Fletching skillcape

Fletching skill cape
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