To start Herblore you will need Grimy's you can obtain these by killing certain monsters or you can grow them by using Farming. To start gather some Grimy Guam's and click to clean them, this will help you start the skill because you need at least 3 Herblore to start making potions.

Next with Coins and Clean Grimy's in your inventory then Teleport to Herblore in Skilling Teleports.


Once there talk to Sanfew to access the ingredient shops 1 and 2


Shop 1


Shop 2

Shop 2.PNG

Cleaning Herbs
Herb Level Needed
Grimy guam 3
Grimy marrentill 5
Grimy tarromin 11
Grimy harralander 20
Grimy ranarr 25
Grimy toadflax 30
Grimy spirit weed 35
Grimy irit 40
Grimy avantoe 48
Grimy kwuarm 54
Grimy snapdragon 59
Grimy cadantine 65
Grimy lantadyne 67
Grimy dwarf weed 70
Grimy torstol 75

Making Potions[edit | edit source]

Click the "Herblore skill" in the Skills tab.

Potion view 1.png

To the right of "level" click the "?" it will show you what Herb and the ingredient needed to make that potion.

Potion view 2.PNG

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