To start Hunting have money in your inventory and teleport to the Hunting area.

Go to hunt

Once there trade the Hunting Expert and buy 3 Bird Snares

Trade hunting expert

Then run South-West to Crimson Swift's and set up your bird snares by clicking on them.

If a bird hangs from your trap that means you have successfully snared a bird

Ready to harvest
Continue with Bird snares until you reach Level 27.

Once at level 27, use Box traps to catch Ferrets, Geckos and Raccoons. Raccoons are suggested and they are located to the North of Birds.

Click on the box trap in your inventory to set it up.

Set box trap

Box Traps Deployed

When the box closes and shakes it means you have successfully captured an animal.

Shaking box

Shaking Box

Once at Level 63 you will be able to set four traps at once and Catch Carnivorous Chinchompas. Chinchompas are located at the same place as raccoons so you wont have to move very far. Continue this til level 99.

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