Minigames[edit | edit source]

Zombie Storm[edit | edit source]

To get to this Minigame use ;;zstorm

Repairing[edit | edit source]

Go South and collect barricades from the table Make sure to also get a toolkit.

Marked in red are the locations of the walls. When a number under 3000 appears on the wall in red this means it needs to be repaired. Click on the wall to repair it. Each Repair grants you 18,300 smithing xp.

Walls to repair.PNG

Combat[edit | edit source]

Armoured Zombies spawn in the East room of the castle and outside the castle. (Blue markers)

Zombie spawns.PNG

You will also receive Zstorm Shillings which can be spent at the shop.

To get the the Shop Climb up the stairs circled and talk to the Zombie Master.


Item Cost
Undead Staff 875,000
Undead Bludgeon 2,000,000
Undead Dagger 1,625,000
Light Ballista 1,625,000
Infernal Hatchet 750,000
Infernal Pickaxe 750,000
Bonecrusher 450,000
Assassin's Robe Top 250,000
Assassin's Hood 250,000
Assassin's Robe Bottom 250,000
Bonemesh's Cape 1
Bonemesh's Hood 1
Polished Zombie Bone 1
Demon Chainbody 2,375,000
Demon Tassets 2,375,000

At the End of Each wave you will see the Results of that wave, who ever gets their name here gets rewarded a Ballista which can be used to obtain range xp and helps to defend the castle.

A Ballista can be Set up any where around the Zombie Master.


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