Raiding in Exora has three different options to begin, you may solo queue, duo queue, and squad queue.

The one requirement for raiding is that your overall combat level must be at least 120.

Launching a Raid

To begin raiding you will start at home and go North West to the Raid Manager named Raids.

Raids Manager Interface 1

Right-click on the NPC and select manage to open the interface for raiding.

Once your select Solo, Duo, or Squad you'll click Create Party and be given the opportunity to invite extra players, ready up, and start.


Once you are inside the raid there are 4 bosses that you and or your partner(s) will have to kill.

General Rotgut

The first boss is General Rotgut whom you'll need to pray Melee against.

He has a total HP of 25000.

Shadow Drake

The second boss is Shadow Drake whom you'll need to pray Magic against.

He has a total HP of 25000.

Skeletal Strykeworm

The third boss is Skeletal Strykworm whom you'll also want to pray Magic against.

He has a total HP of 20000.

This is the only one of the first three bosses that have a side mechanic, at half health, he will spawn multiple skeletons that you need to kill before you finish killing him as they create a shield for him.

Last raid boss to be added.

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