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Challenge Scroll

Challenge Scroll[edit | edit source]

Challenge scrolls can be obtained by PvMing certain bosses, to check which bosses drop which can b checked by either examining the monster or using The Monster Droptables inside the Quest tab. Wearing a Blue Octo Can Increase your chances of getting rare drops from clue scrolls and rare items from chests.

Maps and Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Description Maps Ingame Location
South-East Mine of Varrock

Stand on top of the Fern and dig with a Spade

West of Champions Guild
South varrok.PNG
East of Wizard's Guild

Behind the Black Smith

Yanille map.PNG
Yanille IG.PNG
North-West of Crafting Guild
Cooking guild map.PNG
Cooking guild ingame.PNG
South of Draynor Bank
Draynor Map.PNG
Draynor IG.PNG
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