Before you start woodcutting you will need an axe.

From home go south into the building with a general store icon and trade the "Tools Shop" npc.


Here you can choose from Iron, Mithril, Adamant or Rune Hatchets. I suggest that you buy one of each so when you level you don't have to run back to home to buy the one you have just upgraded to.

Hatchet Level
Iron axe
Iron 1
Mithril axe
Mithril 21
Adamant axe
Adamant 31
Rune axe
Rune 41
Dragon axe
Dragon 61
Gemstone axe
Gemstone 71

After getting your tools Go to the Bank at Home, From here run West past the bank and you willfind six trees and a Cooking Fire.


Start Cutting here at the Normal Tree, You can use SHFT+ Click the logs in your inventory to drop them or go to the bank and deposit the logs. You can also save the logs for Fletching or Use them on the Fire to train Firemaking.

Tree Level Hatchet Needed
Normal 1 Any
Oak tree
Oak 15 Any
Willow tree
Willow 30 Any
Maple tree
Maple 45 Any
Yew tree (1)
Yew 60 Any
(See Below) Gemstone 71 Gemstone
Magic tree
Magic 75 Any

For Gemstone Axe's you can buy one in the Webstore here, or purchase from a player ingame.

Gemstone hatchet allows you to cut down gem stone trees.

Type of Gemstone Tree Location
Opal Home
Ruby Sunfreet
Sapphire tree-0
Sapphire Blurite Dungeon
Emerald gemtree
Emerald Celestial Cave
Dragonstone Dark Matter Cave
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